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Usability Testing

Our mixed-methods usability testing service delivers qualitative and quantitative findings on the usability of your digital products. By combining behavioral coding, qualitative interviews, surveys, and data analysis, we uncover usability issues and prioritize them based on severity scores. For more details, check out our work examples.

Competitive Analysis

 Gain a deep understanding of your competitors' strengths and weaknesses with our competitive analysis service. We conduct thorough evaluations of competing products, analyzing their features, pricing, and market positioning. By identifying gaps and potential differentiators, we empower you to make informed strategic decisions. For an example of a feature analysis deliverable, check out our work examples.

Experience Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows you to compare experiences quantitatively. You can compare your product to a previous version, a competitor, or a specific OKR (such as a target percentage of satisfied users). We conduct evaluations across multiple dimensions: usability, functionality, aesthetics, credibility, and overall satisfaction. For an example comparing two designs, see our work examples.

Expert Evaluation

Our expert evaluation service involves an in-depth analysis of your product's usability, information architecture, and overall user experience through an independent, multi-rater approach. Our researchers apply theory from the field of cognitive psychology to score your experience based on the set of factors you care about most. Several researchers score each experience independently, and the results are summarized into actionable recommendations.

Concept Evaluation

Before investing in the development of a new product or feature, concept evaluation is crucial to ensure its viability with your target market. We utilize qualitative user interviews, surveys, and usability tests to help you scope your MVP feature set and validate product-market fit. For an example deliverable from a concept evaluation project, check out our work examples.

Data-driven Personas

Data-driven personas bring your target audience to life by creating detailed user profiles based on extensive research and data analysis. Our service combines qualitative user research, quantitative data analysis, and market insights to create personas that accurately represent your users and ideal customers. For an example of a data-driven persona, see our work examples.

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We are a student laboratory at Claremont Graduate University, a private nonprofit institution (503(c)3). Our project fees cover the cost of our operations, including paying lab employees for their work. 

Our research combines the following techniques:

Usability Testing

Including: remote, in-person, moderated, and unmoderated

Diary Studies

Using tools like dscout or building from scratch

Inferential Statistics

Reporting proportions with confidence intervals, comparing to a benchmark, or comparing multiple groups

User Interviews

Semi-structured and unstructured qualitative interviews

Card Sorting

Open, closed, and hybrid designs and analysis

Qualitative Analysis

Open coding for inductive research; content, narrative, and thematic analysis


Design, quantitative analysis, and qualitative analysis

Heuristic Evaluation

Based on usability heuristics and research on best practices


Designing and facilitating stakeholder and customer workshops





150 E. 10th Street
Claremont, CA 91711

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